Saturday, July 20, 2019

Alaska Bound! Road Trip!

That's right! I'm headed home for a few months. Looking forward to enjoying the trip this time and spending time with friends. Don't worry, I'll be back in the fall for the changing of the colors.

While I'm gone, the Pillager practice group will be taking a break. We will resume when I return.

I am also planning to have a few options for a practice group in Brainerd then as well.

If you want to start a practice group near you, find a place to meet and I will travel to facilitate a group. Be bold!

I will be travelling with my friend Janet (the person who brought my English Shepherd Belle into my life) I'm taking all my work with me but hopefully, I will be able to do more Qigong and less screen time. I haven't been back to Alaska in over 5 years. So, Janet has offered me a very exciting opportunity.

Be of good Qi! Stay Loose! See you all again soon.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Started a Patreon

Patreon is a way for you to fund your favorite creators. They are changing their creator program at the end of the month so anyone who wants to be "grandfathered" in to the current program needed to go live with their page now. I've been toying with the idea for a very long time. So, I did it! I now have a Patreon where I can share the abundance and help build this awesome Qigong community.

My vision is to make Qigong practice accessible to many people who do not have internet access or live in more remote, rural places. The benefit of Qigong practice is the community it brings. You feel that you are a citizen of the earth, the universe, and eternity. And, you feel the breath that is the singular breath of all life. By building this community with the help of Patrons, I hope to make space for as many people as possible to practice, learn, heal, and teach Qigong.

So, check out my Patreon and keep an eye out for changes there as I respond to the needs of the community. Not having to worry about fuel, car maintenance expenses, and education costs will open up the flow.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2019 is Coming!

Be a healing part of history!

Join in World Tai Chi & Qigong Day! 
Last Saturday of April each year (10 am local time worldwide) in 100s of cities, spanning 80 nations, people come together, to breathe together, providing a healing vision for our world.
 Spread the word! 

WTCQD is Saturday, April 27, 2019

I will be doing Qigong at Gregory Park in Brainerd 10:00am!
Follow along or do what you know. I'd love to find some folk to play Tai Chi with. 

Visit the website to view streams and videos from around the world.


For more information on WTCQD visit

Pillager Practice Group!

Whoo hoo!

Beginning April 3rd, 2019 we will be meeting at Pillager First Lutheran Church at 11:00 am (come early to chat)

Practice groups starts at 11:00 with a gentle warm-up & lesson for 15 minutes, gentle active exercises (seated or standing) for 25 minutes followed by 15 minutes of guided meditation (focused on healing), and the session ends at noon with 5 minutes of “harvesting the Qi.” Just curious? You are welcome to visit and watch.

When we practice as a group we are like a river flowing to the sea not just a droplet that can quickly evaporate.

Welcome everyone!

Looking for the group handouts? Go to the Event page for the link under the Pillager Practice Group.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Free Online Global Summit - Last Day

We are now on day 3 of a 3 day FREE online global summit. Videos of some of the top peeps in the field. Teachers, Masters, Movers & Shakers. You can watch every video for free for 48 hours but if you want to download or watch later there is an "upgrade option" for around $80. (NFI). Here are just a few of those interviewed.
  • Lee Holden
  • Dame Effie Chow
  • Ken Cohen
  • Master Mantak Chia
  • Robert Peng
  • Daisy Lee
  • Master Roger Jahnke
  • Michael Gelb
  • Pedram Shojai
  • Bill Douglass
  • Karen Sovik
  • Francesco Garripoli
  • Lorelei Chang
It will play in the background so you can work on whatever and listen at the same time. Pick and choose from the archives but do it soon because it goes behind a paywall by the weekend. This a very rich opportunity. I'm enjoying finding new people and going to their websites and hearing their story.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Embracing the Inner Squirrel

It's been the typical busy summer. Not nearly as much traveling  as I like in fact no physical travel at all. Last summer was all travel so I guess there is balance in the universe and I remind myself balance is a verb. Balance is the essence of health - I'm on a journey in that sense.

Autumn has arrived and I'm busy harvesting the inner fruits of summer. That is my focus not preparing for winter which seems to invoke anxiety in me. Perhaps it can be attributed to unexpected relocating the past 2 Autumns. I'm never moving like that again. I will get rid of EVERYTHING!

Some new things I've started this summer:

  • Doing Qigong outside and at the park. Local children do not see adults doing more than playing basketball or staring at their cell phones in this area. So, I'm taking my music, writing, Qigong and Tai Chi outside whenever I can. 
  • Posting more frequently to other social media that isn't Facebook. I'm so done with Facebook and it's algorithms. No, I'm not getting away from social media as I should be; but, in a way it makes living in a very isolated place less....well...isolating.
  • Rethinking my Etsy shop in light of their new policies which significantly undercut my sales, SEO, and revenue. 
  • Participating in Sue Crites Energy In Motion online practice group - this is the best thing I've done in a long while. Very grounding!
  • Taking time to establish a nighttime/bedtime routine that hopefully will facilitate my going to bed on time (stay tuned there is progress but not really success yet)
  • Mindful minimalism. Keeping my long term goals in mind I am spending much less money and time on things that don't matter and able to focus on the things that do add value.
 Otherwise, it's been quiet on the teaching front. I have been doing a few side hustles to make ends meet: Editing the ACDCA members magazine, editing ACDSpotlight, produced an ebook of ACD Photos, and have been focusing on private healing meditations for family, friends, and requests.

I'm watching the black squirrels play in the Maple trees on this first chilly Autumn day. I think it's time for all of us to play a little now.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Getting Aligned - My New Work Routine

2017 was a year of finding balance and limits. 2018 has become the year of finding my alignment and removing blockages that don't add value to my life. This results from me facing the fact that I do have some rather significant spine issues that if not acknowledged will only get worse. I recently had the alignment adjusted on my SUV so I guess it's time for me to adjust my own alignment.

If you asked me last week how much I sat, I would say that I wasn't all that sedentary because prolonged sitting was painful and my legs go numb. But, I didn't exactly care how I was sitting nor make it a point to stand regularly. Now that I've learned that the arthritis in my knees won't improve without movement; I've considered a standing desk as my primary workspace; but this seems like a giant change and I'm all about small, well calculated steps.

So, maybe I should simply stand more often or at the very least become conscious of standing regularly. I also took a hard look at my work space and what I could do to make it more beneficial to my particular spinal problems.

Since a standing desk is a big change. I started by playing Goldilocks with every chair in the house. The office chair now sits in the Sunroom. I settled on a folding kitchen stool which puts me at the right keyboard height for the desk I have and I put a small box under my feet so my knees are at the proper angle. It's not terribly comfortable; but better than "coping" with the office chair or other chairs I tried. In other words, it encourages me to sit properly and STAND.  I also put a couple boxes under my monitor to get it at the proper height.

There is a "Stand Time" app on my Apple watch. But, it's easy to ignore. Even amping the frequency of the challenge didn't seem to change my behavior. So, I loaded the free Outstanding  Chrome browser extension. It is a small green dot in the corner of the Chrome browser that turns yellow>red as I interact with the computer. Pretty effective. I'm not a big fan of their little pop-up window threatening my mortality with the evils of prolonged sitting so I tend to get up and move as soon as it turns yellow. After a few minutes it resets and is green again. Sometimes, they send a little pop-up window congratulating me for reaching goals. Clicking on the little colored dot will give me my standing statistics.

That leads me to my next realization.... I do sit a lot more than I thought I did. I race to finish work before the yellow dot appears. I mono-task much better because I want to get things done before my time is up. It really cuts down on the social media surfing or getting sidetracked by email. Those things can be done on my ipad or phone which is a much more comfortable, supportive workspace.

I also learned that I will push (ooops - yellow - BRB) my limits to finish some computer project while the discomfort and pain rises in my body and emotions. In other words I have patterned in a slave mentality. No, that doesn't add value to my life or my goals. I need to change this behavior. Simply reminding me to stand isn't going to be motivating long enough especially when it may take several months to feel a physical impact of these new behaviors.

Standland - it's a free app for iPhone and the watch. Good reviews - sounds interesting. Quite a learning curve for a non-millennial/non-gamer but by day 3 I had goals. I found in app challenges where you earn little gems by standing and completing challenges. The gems can be spent on new environments, clothes for your pet or gemmies, etc. OK - this is totally fun. EXCEPT - I didn't make the first few challenges. But, I stand a lot. I do Qigong standing. I walk, move, bounce..... but I didn't move enough every hour for 12 hours in a day?  Reset challenge 1 and try again. Now, I'm motivated. Those critters and gems keep me going. If I don't stand they fall asleep (thankfully not perish). I'm definitely making progress and paying more attention to keeping my spine happy.

I'm being more mindful of my alignment both with my spine and my commitments. Healing my back is critical to my long term goals. Does it add value? Does it add to progress of my long term intentions? This is the theme of 2018. Who knows where it will take me.