Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer is here!

Summer is such an active time. Too much activity and excitement can produce energy imbalances. It’s important to spend quiet and relaxing time in summer.
As the heat grows, keep your energy balance by doing gentle Qigong movements daily, doing sitting meditation, connecting your body with the earth, staying hydrated with clean water, and eating cooling foods.
The energy of summer is very exciting. With so much excitement going on in the body, your energy tends to move up from the lower dantian to the middle dantian and then up to the head. Once this energy reaches the head it tends to stay in the upper part of the body for a longer time. This can weaken the liver energy and kidney energy. It also makes you feel tired. When you find yourself yawning in the late afternoon, this is an example of being over tired.
3  Simple Steps to Start Summer Fun:
1. Doing more sitting meditation, even just sitting quietly and breathing slowly, gently, comfortably, is how you compensate for the over-tiredness. Best time is between 11 am to 1 pm
2.  Physical exercise is very important. You want to do some exercise each day and break a sweat. Exercising and sweating helps to release the toxins in the body. However, after you exercise do not take a cold shower. Taking a warm shower is fine. You don’t want to put cold water on the body because that can force the toxins back into your body. Once you sweat them out you want to keep them out.
3.  Balancing Your Heart Energy : 

Simply hold your hands in a prayer position – palm to palm focusing on your Heart. Hold this position for at least 10 minutes and longer if you can. The longer you hold it the better. It helps to keep the energy from scattering and brings it back down to the lower dantien. This can help with any heart or blood pressure issues.
It helps because the energy of the middle of the palm connects with the heart and the tips of the fingers have six energy channels connected there, including the 3 heaters, small intestines, lung channels.