Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Summer Where Did You Go?

We stopped in Chamberlin, South Dakota on our way home from seeing the solar eclipse in Grand Island, Nebraska. This is a beautiful 50 foot statue named Dignity. She is made of steel and stands on a bluff above the river. The wind and light flows through her. The energy here is amazing. Who knew dignity could be so transforming. Gave me a lot to ponder. I am so inspired. I like to think she is doing Tai Chi!

I spent a month in Kirkland, Washington with family. I enjoyed the harbor and revisiting the lush green, growing Pacific Northwest. There I saw people doing Tai Chi & Qigong in the park. I would love to see that in my area. Don't forget to do your Qigong outdoors when you can. It is so powerful. Take off your shoes and connect with Mother Earth.

Next week, I am travelling to Texas. And,, probably a trip to Missouri in October. But, I am going to be teaching Qigong through the Brainerd Community Schools beginning the last week of September and then a longer session mid October - November. The availability of the space is very limited so I could only fit in a 4 week class. I'll post the schedule here when it comes out.

I am still searching for a location to hold practice groups, classes, and workshops. Please, let me know if you have suggestions.

I'm gearing up to post more frequently here and begin some online "classes" I haven't quite narrowed my focus yet. But, expect awesome!

Don't forget Master Jou's advice - Know yourself, Do your best, Make a little progress everyday, and don't overdo it.