Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Breathing into Winter

A quilt with a square embroidered with my grandmother's signature in the Dunn County Museum
This year certainly didn't wrap up with the same intention and vision I had in the beginning of the year. It has been a interesting journey with several blind corners, side trail (trials), and events. Staying centered has been a challenge. If not for Qigong and my Qigong family, I don't think I would be going into this precious Winter season with as much vitality. Keeping the channels open and staying connected to the light centering down several times a day into the well of sustaining, strengthening quiet has carried me through. 

The Brainerd Community Schools offered me the opportunity to teach Qigong classes. It was a wonderful experience and I made many new friends. Watch for new practice groups forming after Christmas. One will be in Pillager. I also hope to resume the Brainerd group soon.

Winter is a time to meditate and stay near the source of warmth. It's ok to snuggle under your quilt and cancel a few of those social events to keep yourself from being "over exposed." The light will return and we can again resume our "busy-ness." It's also the perfect time to banish all fear from your life. It will help to support the life-sustaining kidney energy. The very best way to do this is to practice gratitude. I tell my fellow travelers that social media is a perfect place to do this. It holds us accountable; and when we share our gratitude with others they benefit as well. Throughout the month of December, I post 3 things I am grateful for on my Facebook page. Posting 3 things a day stretches me a bit and encourages creativity. I resist redundancy because I am posting where my friends will be reading it. Beginning January 1, I will start keeping a gratitude journal. This is the first time I've set this intention. I was inspired by Mahalo a journal by Timber Hawkeye. Many masters teach that gratitude is the source of great healing. 

So as I contract and inhale for Winter, I exhale all that is no longer useful from the past year and expand into new intentions.  

We went to see the latest Disney/Pixar movie last night, Coco. A wonderful movie! Not at all what I was expecting. Last night I dreamt of my ancestors and felt so much closer to my family. In the movie the young boy discovers his roots as well as coming face to face with evil, deception, negativity, and impermanence. He is mistaken at first and his family is not supporting him; but, as the story unwinds the family comes to understand truth and abundance follows. Take home message is to use your time on earth wisely and not hesitate to follow your dreams. But, also, to respect all living beings and honor them for who they are not what they appear to be. Good lessons for me right now. 

Living in Minnesota has been wonderful. I have finally regained my health, vision, and can one again plan my future. The past year has been a year of many losses but also many gains. As we approach the Solstice and return of the Sun, I am hopeful that I have found my true home and family.

Over the next few weeks I will be growing an online journal to support the holistic community in the Northern Minnesota area. It's quite an exciting prospect to work with local folk again.