Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I Had to Buy a New Battery

A few days before the winter solstice, my trusty 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe wouldn't start. OK - so it was below zero and mmmmmaybe someone left an interior light on.

"There's a reason for everything!" I announced and attached the portable jump battery. Surprisingly, for the first time, it didn't work.

"We'll charge it up and tomorrow will be warmer. The battery will recover and we will be back on the road playing Pokemon Go and chasing off to Physical Therapy appointments."

The next day - it didn't start either. Nor the next. But, Hey! Reason for everything. I'm not buying gas if I'm not using it. Let's get that gratitude flowing. We don't NEED to go anywhere. We walked to the nearest pokestop a block away and the weather wasn't too awful.

Jean engaged her Google fu and decided it was a loose battery connection. Whatever she did worked and the puppy started without a problem. Good! We can keep the appointment the next day. That evening we went to start it and it didn't happen. It tried - didn't seem to be the battery. We had lights, ignition, bells.... but no starting.

I'm becoming a bit anxious now. You can't call roadside assistance when it's sitting in your driveway. All my mechanic friends are 3000 miles away. Facebook to the rescue!

My mother drove over from Pillager to take Jean to an important appointment in Baxter. Taxi rides are great; but $20 for a 6 mile ride one way is a little much. Thank you, Mom!!

Facebook delivered! Well, Facebook friends delivered. Amy toted over her battery charger and we chatted while it juiced up. Yep - with the big charger it started right up. So, maybe it is the battery after all? 

Jean goes back to Google and discovers that batteries don't last 10 years in the Lower 48 like they do in Alaska. The hot summers take their toll. I guess the battery is at least 4 years old for sure. So, off to NAPA we go.

The guy installing the battery for us announces, "Hey! This is a factory installed battery!"

Ummmm.... so it is over 5 years old. No wonder it was not reliably starting the car.

So, what do we do as the winter of our life sets in and our "batteries"/ life energy is running low? We can just keep trying to start our engines but we sure can't go buy a new battery. We can get a recharge or find a battery charger and just keep the engine running when not at home. Not terribly practical and slightly dangerous. Eventually, overuse will catch up to us.

It's just like when my car wouldn't start. First thing I did was check for any unnecessary drain on the battery. Then, cut off any possible drain from the task at hand like the seat belt bell, heater fan, lights, etc. What is draining your energy? Relationships? Finances? Health issues?

I checked the connections - made sure they were strong and clean. How are your emotions? Where are your thoughts? Where is your energy going? Do you practice Forgiveness? Gratitude? Do you have blockages in your energy flow? Diseases or discomforts that inhibit Happiness, Joy, & Contentment?

I worked with the weather and environment. Are you eating properly in accordance with the seasons and your personal needs? Are you warm enough? Do you get enough water everyday? How often do you get outdoors and away from technology? Are your clothes and body clean? Do you get adequate rest & exercise? Practice Qigong or Yoga? Practice Mindfulness?

I applied additional support and supplemental energy. Have you asked anyone or the universe for help lately? Do you have certain supplements or foods you need that you have been neglecting? Is your food over-processed or grown with chemicals? Do you have a spiritual practice? Enjoy creative movement, art, or music? Do you work with energy healing? Do you do energy breathing? Move the Small Universe?

Like the battery, we need to stay charged up and in use. I can buy a new battery for my car but there is no other way to renew our on vital energy without nourishing, safe guarding, and recharging it everyday. It is said, "Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It is simply transformed." Yin & Yang are in a continual dance of balance and harmony. That fuels us as long as we keep the flow open and tend to our Qi (life energy).

We will not live in this body forever; but, we can live a very long, happy life if we are mindful of our source.

In a peculiar way, I'm grateful my battery needed to be replaced. It made me stop and think about my own energy supply, I needed a little maintenance too. I think 2018 is going to be a year of realignment and renewal for me. I hope it is for you too!