Monday, September 17, 2018

Embracing the Inner Squirrel

It's been the typical busy summer. Not nearly as much traveling  as I like in fact no physical travel at all. Last summer was all travel so I guess there is balance in the universe and I remind myself balance is a verb. Balance is the essence of health - I'm on a journey in that sense.

Autumn has arrived and I'm busy harvesting the inner fruits of summer. That is my focus not preparing for winter which seems to invoke anxiety in me. Perhaps it can be attributed to unexpected relocating the past 2 Autumns. I'm never moving like that again. I will get rid of EVERYTHING!

Some new things I've started this summer:

  • Doing Qigong outside and at the park. Local children do not see adults doing more than playing basketball or staring at their cell phones in this area. So, I'm taking my music, writing, Qigong and Tai Chi outside whenever I can. 
  • Posting more frequently to other social media that isn't Facebook. I'm so done with Facebook and it's algorithms. No, I'm not getting away from social media as I should be; but, in a way it makes living in a very isolated place less....well...isolating.
  • Rethinking my Etsy shop in light of their new policies which significantly undercut my sales, SEO, and revenue. 
  • Participating in Sue Crites Energy In Motion online practice group - this is the best thing I've done in a long while. Very grounding!
  • Taking time to establish a nighttime/bedtime routine that hopefully will facilitate my going to bed on time (stay tuned there is progress but not really success yet)
  • Mindful minimalism. Keeping my long term goals in mind I am spending much less money and time on things that don't matter and able to focus on the things that do add value.
 Otherwise, it's been quiet on the teaching front. I have been doing a few side hustles to make ends meet: Editing the ACDCA members magazine, editing ACDSpotlight, produced an ebook of ACD Photos, and have been focusing on private healing meditations for family, friends, and requests.

I'm watching the black squirrels play in the Maple trees on this first chilly Autumn day. I think it's time for all of us to play a little now.