Thursday, September 20, 2018

Free Online Global Summit - Last Day

We are now on day 3 of a 3 day FREE online global summit. Videos of some of the top peeps in the field. Teachers, Masters, Movers & Shakers. You can watch every video for free for 48 hours but if you want to download or watch later there is an "upgrade option" for around $80. (NFI). Here are just a few of those interviewed.
  • Lee Holden
  • Dame Effie Chow
  • Ken Cohen
  • Master Mantak Chia
  • Robert Peng
  • Daisy Lee
  • Master Roger Jahnke
  • Michael Gelb
  • Pedram Shojai
  • Bill Douglass
  • Karen Sovik
  • Francesco Garripoli
  • Lorelei Chang
It will play in the background so you can work on whatever and listen at the same time. Pick and choose from the archives but do it soon because it goes behind a paywall by the weekend. This a very rich opportunity. I'm enjoying finding new people and going to their websites and hearing their story.