Sunday, January 12, 2020

Practice groups on hold! What do we do now?

My new puppy, Jade

In person practice groups are on hold until this social distancing passes. It may be longer than we think it will be; my daughter thinks August or October depending on how successful we are at staying home and healthy.

During this time we are not at war with any virus or foreign country/people. We need to be strong.  When we are at war we give power to the enemy. This is a time to make our homes and bodies inhospitable to the virus by finding strength in our own truth, our own life purpose, and our own center calm.

It is the PERFECT time to do Qigong!

Contact me if you wish to explore some free online Qigong videos that target enhancing the immune system and raising our vibration to make our bodies inhospitable to the virus.

Other things we can do-

  • Connect via phone, email, social media, etc.
  • Meditate & Pray
  • Get out in nature
  • Take your vitamins especially Vitamin D
  • Sip hot water every 20 minutes (this makes sure the virus is washed to your stomach before it goes to your lungs where it can cause it's mischief
  • BREATHE! - Slowly - deeply
  • Do your tapping, cupping, and bouncing several times a day
  • Clear negative emotions! (Fear, anger, anxiety, grief,  busyness)
  • Chant healing sounds
  • SMILE!!!
  • Be happy! It will stimulate your immune system!
  • Get plenty of rest and as much as possible STAY HOME!
Facebook is full of free resources right now- Master Chunyi Lin is offering free qigong lessons every morning at 8am through Chunyi Lin's Facebook page. Several other masters are also lending their wisdom online to quiet the outer chaos and promote inner calm.

If you seek a more permanent online practice group similar to what we do in PIllager, you will want to explore Energy In Motion with Sue Crites! I am a member of this community and we have live online sessions every tuesday at 12:45 which are recorded and archived as long as you maintain your membership. Sue gives some instruction and insight each week and posts to the facebook community daily with helpful encouragements, information, and insight.

We will all get through this if we pull together and enjoy our home life for now. The world will never be the same; but, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Let it go and SMILE!

Jade loves Qigong with Sue