Tuesday, September 21, 2021

A New Project: My Bullet Journal


I started using a Bullet Journal  or BuJo in 2019. I watched dozens of YouTube videos and read Ryder Carroll's excellent book. I started simple; but, it wasn't long before I was doing elaborate, artsy layouts and collections. And, not long after that it became all too overwhelming. 

I found it helpful and useful to use the bujo. But, I needed to find my own way of doing it. After another year, I landed on this simplified journal that is versatile, organized, and not overwhelming. It is time to cut a few more corners and be able to buy my cultivated bujo to save the hours of work printing & pasting all the elements I find helpful like the lunar calendar, 24 hour body clock, 5 elements (movements, colors, healing sounds, etc.), annual calendar, monthly calendars, and a few habit trackers.  I also tend to include my favorite quotes in my bujo so the printable version at Amazon will include quotes as well.  I like not having to number pages or keep track of the index. And, in my bujo at Amazon (coming very soon!) I will have a page for resources with links to helpful printable downloads, pen holder elastics, page markers, tips & hints, my favorite pens & stickers, and everything Bujo.

I'm doing this for myself; but, I'd also like to share with others. Hoping that others can benefit from my exploration. It's a labor of love and I'm not expecting to make money off this venture. A good journal is so helpful order the rhythm of our days & years. Since Covid sharing has taken on a digital force. This feel right. 

The most perplexing question is what to call this Bujo. I've toyed with ideas: My Tao Journal, My Journal,  Qi Journal, Dao Diary... I need a title for Amazon. Also need to have an author but Jade Squirrel covers that. Would love to hear your ideas JadeSquirrelQi@gmail.xom

I will post direct links to the books and printables on this website.

Stay Qifull!